Canada – Leading the World in Mobile Payments

Consistent with our history of early adoption of new technologies such as the Internet, debit cards, EMV, smartphones and contactless cards, Canada is once again leading the way in paying with your phone.  And EnStream is key to this success, as the hub connecting the players together.

Canada’s ‘Big Three’ wireless carriers, Bell, Rogers and TELUS, along with MTS and SaskTel together provide over 99% of Canada’s population with the ability to ‘pay with their phone,’  as do five of Canada’s six largest financial institutions: CIBC, Desjardins, RBC, Scotiabank and TD – together representing 85% of Canada’s retail banking customers. Others are coming soon.

Equally important, over 84% of major Canadian retailers already have the required NFC contactless terminals.

EnStream provides the one-stop end-to-end ‘hub’ solution for most of these connections. EnStream’s solutions, incorporating leading global suppliers such as BellID® from the Netherlands and Canada’s own BlackBerry™, securely deliver payment credentials to NFC-enabled smartphones. They meet the GlobalPlatform™ standards and are fully Visa and MasterCard certified.

EnStream is proud to be part of this Canadian success story, and is now actively looking at opportunities to carry our flag abroad.

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April 16, 2015 COO Almis Ledas will discuss “The Changing Roles in Mobile Payments,” at the upcoming Mobey Forum Toronto Member Meeting.  Read more about the Mobey Forum and this event here.

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EnStream’s Martha Hall Findlay will discuss the security benefits of a SE SIM solution at the upcoming HCE Summit in New York City on April 15, 2015.  Register here.

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Almis Ledas, EnStream’s COO, will be participating in a panel discussion titled “Commercial Adoption and Omni-channel Integration for Mobile Devices” at the International Payment Conference in Toronto on April 9th. Mobile is changing, among other things, the way we pay, the way banks and retailers interact, and the way customers shop.  This discussion will focus on both…

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On January 20th, 2015 Martha Hall Findlay from EnStream and Hervé Pierre from SIMalliance and NFC World’s editor, Sarah Clark discussed how to select the right security strategy for your NFC service and provided insight into the lessons learned from a leading market deployment. Both host card emulation (HCE) and secure element-based solutions are expected…

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Next Week – January 20, 2015 – 10:00 EST/15:00 GMT/16:00 CET Evaluating NFC security strategies: The role of the secure element in the evolving NFC landscape Join NFC World’s editor and speakers from SIMalliance and EnStream to find out how to select the right security strategy for your NFC service and gain insight into the lessons…

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More Canadians will be reaching for their cellphones instead of their wallets to pay for purchases this year, predicts a report by global professional services firm Deloitte. The report, released Tuesday, sees 2015 as a “tipping point” for retailers, banks and telecom companies to adopt the technology, which allows consumers to make relatively small payments…

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