EnStream…Securing Mobile Transactions

EnStream, a joint venture of Canada’s national mobile telecom companies, Bell, Rogers and TELUS, provides services to enhance the security of on-line transactions, especially those using mobile devices. EnStream currently offers subscriber verification services and delivery of payment credentials to mobile devices, with other services in development.

Customers are increasingly relying on their smartphones to execute transactions, access content, manage commercial relationships, control home security, transmit private information and conduct other such activities.   Much of this communication is sensitive, and security concerns can be a barrier to deployment and adoption of some services.

With the right tools, communication over the smartphone can be made more secure than that over other internet connected devices, since the smartphone is managed by a mobile network operator (MNO). The MNO’s core business is secure network and device management, including confirming the location of the device, authorizing its access to the network and tracking its usage against the account of a known subscriber.  This level of device security is now available to other service providers seeking to engage with their customers over mobile devices. What’s more, EnStream delivers across all national MNOs through a single business and technical interface, with other MNOs being added to provide complete coverage.

EnStream is deeply integrated into the systems of Canadian MNOs. With customer consent, EnStream can confirm the identity of the mobile account holder and the location of the smartphone, and provide other services to secure the communication between the service supplier and the customer. Because we leverage existing MNO network management tools, this is done dynamically, behind the scenes. Using EnStream’s services, the service supplier can enhance the security of their transactions and leverage mobile account information to establish new customer accounts over the mobile device, while reducing fraud risk.


Our customers include financial institutions, credit bureaus, and other online service providers, who use EnStream to enable a wide range of mobile-based identity verification, fraud management and payment services from Canadian telecoms including Bell, Rogers, TELUS, Sasktel, MTS and Videotron.  Services currently enabled include:

  • Mobile number verification
  • Name and address verification
  • Account type and status
  • Location verification and
  • NFC credential delivery and management services.

EnStream connects to trusted partners through a series of secure cloud based online and mobile API’s and platforms. EnStream adheres to the strictest security, privacy and end-user consent policies in order to protect every mobile subscriber’s information.



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