NFC World, SIMalliance and EnStream explore the role of the secure element in the evolving NFC landscape.

On January 20th, 2015 Martha Hall Findlay from EnStream and Hervé Pierre from SIMalliance and NFC World’s editor, Sarah Clark discussed how to select the right security strategy for your NFC service and provided insight into the lessons learned from a leading market deployment.

Both host card emulation (HCE) and secure element-based solutions are expected to be widely deployed around the world, along with hybrid deployment models that enable a graduated approach to security.

The first presentation examined the key differences between host card emulation and secure element (SE)-based NFC solutions and explored the opportunities presented by the two technologies. Attendees learned about the concept of ‘acceptable risk’, the unique requirements of individual NFC service use cases and both the advantages and limitations of SE and HCE technologies.

The second presentation was a case study from Canada, a mobile payments success story, where all of the country’s large carriers and four of the country’s ‘Big Five’ banks now offer their customers secure element-based NFC mobile payments. The presentation explained how Canada has become the world leader in mobile payments and the factors that have been key to EnStream’s success.

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