EnStream provides access to Mobile Network Operator data to verify information for e-commerce transactions, such as:

New on-line client relationships

When a new client establishes an account with you on-line, you are relying on the information they choose to provide. With their consent, their name, address and mobile number can be verified against the records of their mobile provider, who has a contractual relationship with them, and has verified their identity on account activation.  You can derive additional information from the type of account they have with their mobile provider, the status of that account, and the length of their mobile relationship.

Mobile transactions

When a client downloads your mobile app, populates it with a credit card or initiates a transaction over their mobile phone, you are relying on the information they provide. If the payment card details they provided were fraudulently obtained, revenue will not be realized. Instead, there will be costly customer service issues with the legitimate card owner, who may also be your customer, holding you responsible for their data security.   With consent, you can confirm that a client initiating a transaction is responsible for the mobile phone to which they are requesting app or card delivery; or from which they are initiating a payment.  This ensures a consistent first-rate experience for clients transacting over their own mobile phones, practically eliminating “false declines”.  Additional fraud detection measures need only be applied for those using unrecognized mobile phones, reducing your risk and fraud management effort.

Mobile subscriber location

Fraudsters can conceal their location through re-routing their IP connections. Mobile network operators need to know the location of their subscribers to complete the connection. With customer consent, EnStream can use network-based data to let you know either from which city, or region, a connection is originating, or even the precise location of the mobile user.  This can be useful to help assess transaction risk, or even help dispatch a tow truck for roadside assistance.


Data Verification Services Enabled by EnStream are as follows:

1. Real Number Discovery:

  • Fraudsters can claim ownership of mobile numbers that belong to your clients. When connected to a client using a mobile device, “Real Number Discovery” is a service that uses information from the mobile operator’s network to independently confirm the mobile number of the device being used.
  • Real Number Discovery lets you know, quickly and reliably, the mobile number of the device initiating each data session using a direct connection into the network for verification. You know when someone is using a device with a number other than the one on record with you.

2.  Name and Address Verification:

  • Name and Address Verification allows you to verify the name and address of a prospect with a mobile phone against the name and address registered for that mobile number with the Mobile Operator.
  • For a mobile account holder, Name and Address Verification confirms that an individual has presented valid credentials to verify their identity to the Mobile Operator.
  • When initiating a relationship with an individual over a smartphone, using Name and Address Verification provides two factors of authentication; first, account information, and second, control of the registered mobile phone itself.

3.  Mobile Account Status:

  • Account Status confirms that a mobile number and mobile account are active with the mobile operator.
  • Account Status can also be used to learn if a mobile unit has been reported lost or stolen, or has been suspended.

4.  Mobile Account Type:

  • Account Type determines if a mobile account is prepaid or postpaid, is personal or business, or is a sub-account of a primary account.

5.  Mobile Subscriber Location:

  • Subscriber Location is a service that lets you know the geographic location of the mobile unit in question. There are two versions of Subscriber Location.
    • Precise – Delivers the geographic latitude and longitude to within 100 meters, using network triangulation, assisted by handset GPS, when securely available.
    • Coarse – Delivers the geographic latitude and longitude to within 2 to 3 km, using network routing information.

6.  Location Region:

  • Location Region is a service that provides the city or province in which the mobile unit in question is active.

7.  Location Match:

  • Location Match delivers the precise distance between the geographic location of the mobile unit in question, and a location provided to EnStream.

8.  Mobile Account Activation Date:

  • Activation Date lets you know the date on which the account in question was first opened with the Mobile Operator.