We offer easy, secure ID verification services to authenticate customers.

Proving you are who you say you are online is a tricky business. There is little opportunity for online service providers to check government-issued ID, or verify that the person is in fact the owner of the documents they claim to have. Many online ID checking services today also rely on landline telephone directory or postal information to check names and addresses, which are notoriously out of date. It is also a source of fraud and identity theft since most of the information is readily available elsewhere to hackers who can pretend to be you online.


Now, for the first time in Canada, EnStream can provide access to over 90% of Canadian mobile phone subscribers through Bell, Rogers and TELUS.  EnStream protects consumers by identifying real-time device characteristics that bind an individual to their device.  This happens dynamically, behind the scenes, securing transactions and easing account activation procedures.  Mobile subscriber information is particularly good for identity verification purposes since we can i) verify if a mobile number is active, suspended, or terminated in real time; ii) we can match name and address on a one-to-one basis; and iii) we can also verify current location information (domestic and roaming).

Services include:

  • Mobile number verification
  • Name and address matching services
  • Account type and status
  • Location services

EnStream’s mobile subscriber information services are available only with express end-user consent to protect a subscriber’s information privacy. The services are provided through a set of secure, real-time, cloud based API’s, designed to enhance identity assurance and reduce fraud in a wide range of mobile as well as online services and applications. They can help satisfy regulatory requirements for KYC, and meet stringent requirements for security and privacy.