EnStream offers two types of services to MNOs:

  1. Secure Element Management Services; and
  2. Secure Element Resale Services.

Secure Element Management Services

A Trusted Service Manager (TSM) is the technology platform that links banks and mobile network systems. There are two sides to the TSM. The issuer or bank side is the Service Provider TSM, or SP TSM. The MNO side is the Secure Element Manager, or SEM (also called the Root TSM).   The SP TSM communicates with the SEM and the secure element on the SIM card, on the issuing bank’s behalf. The SEM connects with the mobile network’s network, billing and customer care systems to manage the interactions with the SP TSM. The SEM stores and manages the encryption keys for each of the MNOs SIM cards, and makes them available to the bank’s SP TSM, when authorized to do so. The SEM enables the eligibility checks that determine whether a customer has the appropriate handset, SIM card and rate plan to enable mobile payments. The SEM also helps the bank manage the mobile payment service by notifying the bank of status changes that could have an impact on service delivery.


EnStream uses Bell ID SEM technology operated by BlackBerry in a secure BlackBerry data centre. EnStream’s has the certifications required to provide service for the major payment networks in Canada.

How the MNO benefits from using EnStream’s SEM:

  • Proven performance – EnStream has a track record of success in enabling MNOs, with integration on the MNO’s terms, and providing reliable service.
  • Technical neutrality – EnStream and its technology partners are unaffiliated with a payment card manufacturer or SIM card operating system, making it easier to integrate across different technology platforms.
  • Preconnection with banks – EnStream’s SEM is already connected with many of Canada’s major financial institutions. Since it is the only SEM serving multiple MNOs in Canada, it is a key connection point for any issuing bank seeking to serve the entire Canadian market. A stand-alone SEM would require significant duplication in bank effort, requiring additional investment and deployment time.


Secure Element Resale Services

Enabling a bank with secure element access requires the MNO to provide services that meet the bank’s exacting standards and regulatory requirements. In addition, each bank can have unique additional requirements, complicating service provisioning. Banks also strive for service consistency across serving MNOs. An agreement between a bank and an MNO can take up to twelve months to conclude. EnStream has service agreements in place with banks to which MNOs can be added. EnStream can guide the MNO in deploying service that will meet bank requirements and then project manage the connection of the MNO to the bank, covered under agreement already in place.

How the MNO benefits from using EnStream’s secure element resale services:

  • Leverage of existing agreements – EnStream has agreements in place with many of the largest banks in Canada and the MNO can be included under these agreements, without instigating new rounds or negotiations.
  • Sales efficiencies – mobile payments is a specialized service that is still evolving. The MNO will require a team dedicated to this field to meet bank requirements and manage MNO interests. Access to a shared team selling secure element access permits the MNO to focus scarce resources on its core business.

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