We make money mobile with our mobile payment solution.

EnStream’s end-to-end solution allows consumers pay for things like groceries, coffee, lunch or a movie by simply tapping their smartphones at the checkout terminal.

  •  For Mobile Network Operators:  EnStream provides a full Secure Element Trusted Service Management solution.
  • For Banks and Other Financial Institutions:  EnStream provides a full Service Provider Trusted Service Management Solution.
  • Connected by EnStream:  EnStream works as the hub that connects it all together.  Our end-to-end solution connects the financial institutions and the MNOs so that they can offer their customers the ability to ‘pay by phone’.  We are also connected to Ugo, a Canadian open wallet.

We make the technical connections and the commercial ones, simplifying the entire process for all.  EnStream can also connect to Interac, MasterCard and Visa tokenization services to deliver tokens to SIM secure element managers.

Our Solutions